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Mary's most current book features the answers to 200 of your top questions about dressmaking and sewing in general. Among the topics covered: machine stitching, hand-sewing, measuring and fitting, waistbands and belts, tucks and pleats, collars and necklines, and sleeves and pockets. Includes more than 200 color illustrations that supplement most answers with visual demonstrations.


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COPY IT! Duplicate Your Favorite Clothes.

(23 pages. $14.95 to U.S. addresses. Includes S&H.)

This clear and concise guide will show you how to create a pattern from a ready-to-wear garment without taking it apart. The illustrations, combined with Mary’s straightforward writing style, will guide you through the process with ease. Includes directions for a camp shirt, tank top, pants, and skirt, plus other garment details such as darts, pleats, collars and more.

Mad About Zippers

(30 pages with illustrations. $14.95 to U.S. addresses. Includes S&H)

Inserting zippers is essential to great-looking garments. This handy guide demonstrates four zipper styles (centered, lapped, invisible and fly front) with logical steps and tips throughout each method. Also included are unique facing finishes that ensure a smooth, couture look.

“When we start with a fashion pattern we are never sure what the outcome will be. We can take the guesswork out of this process by making a pattern from an existing garment that we like. Mary McCarthy shows us how in her new book, “Copy It!” Its clear and direct step-by-step instructions are easy to understand and follow. With it, you can reduce your sewing failures and enhance your wardrobe!"

Judy Barlup, Sewing Instructor, Unique Techniques

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